Garden Care

Our Brands

At Reed's, we have the experts!  Our products can troubleshoot any garden or lawn problem, including nutrition issues, bugs, critters, and weeds.  The products we offer are the ones we use in our own nursery to keep our plants healthy and happy.  

Plant Care 101

When you purchase plants at Reed's, we take care of you every step of the way.  Talk to one of our experts about designing your yard to fit your needs, including soils, fertilizers, and special additives.  Are you looking for a specific product?  As a plant nursery, we carry products the big-box stores don't have.

Lawn Issues?

Did you know that Reed's formulates its own special mix of grass seed specifically designed to grown in North West Indiana?  We carry every product you need to take care of your lawn year-round, from including new lawn starter, fertilizer, and winterizer.

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