At Reed's Nursery we carry the top brands of soluble and organic lawn fertilizers to enhance your yard and promote longterm growth over time. Many consumers do not realize the importance of how these fertilizers are manufactured and the contents that they carry within them. Many fertilizers contain "fillers" mixed within; some brands as high as 50%. So with that in mind, Reed's Nursery carries only brands that yield the highest growth for your lawn. Interested in learning more? The gardening experts at Reed's Nursery are available to answer any of your questions during our convenient hours of operation. Here are a few of the top brands of fertilizer you can find at Reed's Nursery:


  • Bonide
  • Milogranite
  • Scotts Miracle Grow
  • Jobe's
  • Alaska
  • Bayer Advanced
  • Nature's Touch
With a lengthy list of options based on need; whether you're just starting out or need to fertilize and irrigate because of the recent drought get your supply and application information from Reed's Nursery.





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